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Investigating the physics of quasar outflows in broad absorption lines quasars using SimBAL

Joseph Choi

Chercheur post-doctoral l'UdeM

Broad absorption line quasars (BALQs) reveal the presence of powerful quasar-driven outflows in their spectra. These powerful outflows are thought to be one of the critical drivers of a process called feedback that determines how galaxies evolve. I will present results from my recent work on the first systematic study of a large sample of low-redshift iron low-ionization BALQs, a subtype of BALQs with powerful outflows, where we were able to constrain the energetics and locations of the outflowing gas and discover unexpected trends with the accretion properties of the central supermassive black holes. I will also briefly discuss how our novel spectral-synthesis modeling software SimBAL helped us make a giant leap in our understanding of BAL quasar outflows and ongoing projects involving the use of machine learning techniques.

Date: Jeudi, le 24 novembre 2022
Heure: 11:30
Lieu: Université de Montréal
  Pavillon MIL A-3541

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