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Stellar Populations (and application to globular clusters)

Richard de Grijs

University of Sheffield (UK) and Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (China)

Star clusters are often considered the basic building blocks of today's large spiral and elliptical galaxies. Star clusters and their stellar populations play a significant role in the context of galaxy evolution, across space (from local to high redshift) and time (from currently forming to fossil remnants). We are now within reach of answering a number of fundamental questions that will have a significant impact on our understanding of key open issues in contemporary astrophysics, ranging from the formation, assembly and evolution of galaxies to the details of the star-formation process. Here, we will look at the details of the stellar popultions making up the old globular cluster systems, and consider the implications in a wider context.

Date: Mercredi, le 20 janvier 2010
Heure: 14:00
Lieu: Université Laval
  Pavillon Alexandre-Vachon, local 1661
Contact: Sylvie Beaulieu

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