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Personal information

Andrew Cumming

Physics Department
McGill University
Ernest Rutherford Physics Building
3600 University Street
Montréal, QC
Canada   H3A 2T8
Phone : 514-398-6494
Fax : 514-398-8434
Email: cumming@physics.mcgill.ca
Web: http://www.physics.mcgill.ca/~cumming/

Research field : Compact objects; high energy astrophysics; extrasolar planets.

Description of the research project:
Andrew Cumming's research is focused on the physics of neutron stars and exoplanets, in both cases developing theoretical models that can be used to interpret observations to learn about the physical processes occurring inside these objects. His work on the physics of neutron stars includes thermonuclear burning, magnetic field evolution, and the properties of dense matter. He is particularly intrigued by transient phenomena in accreting neutron stars and magnetars as a way to probe these different pieces of physics. In exoplanets, he tries to draw connections between the observed properties of exoplanets and theories of their structure and how they form and evolve. Most recently he has been working on different aspects of the evolution of gas giant planets, including hot-jupiters and gas giant formation with application to directly imaged planets. He has also worked on statistical methods for inferring planet properties from radial velocity data, and statistical studies of the exoplanet population.

List of graduate students :
Matias Castro Tapia (M.Sc.), Rafael Fuentes (Ph.D.), Simon Guichandut (Ph.D.), RaphaŽl Hardy (Ph.D.), Melissa Mendez (Ph.D.)

Recipient of the following awards:

    2006-01 to 2008-12: Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
    2004-09 to 2012-08: Scholar Cosmology and Gravity Program, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
    2001-09 to 2004-08: Hubble Fellowship, NASA

Public outreach activities :

    • 2013-05-23 : In Search for New Worlds: the Diverse Properties of Exoplanets (Rutherford Physics Building at McGill University. 3600 rue University)

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