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Sebastien Guillot, member of the CRAQ and PhD candidate at the McGill Physics Department receives one of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the names of the 2011 laureates of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships. Among them is Sebastien Guillot, PhD candidate at the Physics Department of McGill University, and member of the CRAQ. Many research projects at McGill are awarded by the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship program in a wide variety of fields, from the creation of robotic arms for the recovery of obsolete satellites, to the study of genetic resistance to the tuberculosis bacteria.

Sebastien Guillot will study neutron stars to improve the understanding the properties of ultra-dense matter: one of the holy-grail of nuclear physics: "This project bridges the gap between astrophysics and nuclear physics", said Sebastien Guillot.

The Vanier Canada scholars are students who demonstrated leadership and a high level of academic proficiency in the social, human, health, natural, or engineering sciences. Each laureate receives a scholarship of $50,000 per year for three years.

The CRAQ congratulates Sebastien Guillot for this prestigious scholarship.

About the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Started in 2009, the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship program aims at attracting and retaining the best doctorate students in Canada and the world. This year, 167 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships were attributed to graduate students who chose a Canadian university to pursue a PhD degree. The applications are presented by the universities and evaluated by selection committees in each of the three research funding agencies: NSERC, CHIRC HRSC. An international selection committee, composed of renowned professionals, then establishes a ranking between the applicants and attributes the scholarships to the laureates.

For more info about the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, visit www.vanier.gc.ca

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