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David Lafrenière, among the top-10 researchers at the Université de Montréal

An astrophysicist of the Université de Montréal takes the first photograph of an extrasolar planet. This press release caught the attention of the Time Magazine, of National Geographic, which published superb pictures, of ABC News and several other canadians dailies. David Lafrenière, member of the CRAQ and postdoctoral fellow at the physics department of the UdeM, led a team of researchers behind this discovery.

Several studies performed at the UdeM resulted in press releases in 2010. The third annual ranking of the Bureau des Communications et des Relations Publiques (Office of Media Relations) lists the top-10 research topics that gathered the greatest attention from the media, in the previous year. This ranking is not based on the impact of scientific results, but it relies on television or radio interviews, journals articles and online publications that the office of Media Relations counted. The majority of the selected studies obtained tenth, even hundreds, of mentions in the media.

The CRAQ congratulates David Lafrenière for this distinction.

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