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Personality of the Week La Presse/Radio-Canada

After receiving the "Prix du Public Québec Science Discovery of the year 2009", Olivier Daigle, PhD student in astrophysics and member of the Centre de Recherche en Astrophysique du Québec (CRAQ), receives another distinction with the title of Personality of the Week La Presse/Radio-Canada (Personalité de la semaine). He gained recognition from scientific journalists and medias these last two years for his conception of the most sensitive astronomical camera which future is extremely promising.

During his PhD research, directed by Prof. Claude Carignan at the Department of Physics of the Université de Montréal, Olivier Daigle developed this high-technology device that is already used by astronomers in several countries and which could also be use soon for medical imagery.

Olivier Daigle, who will graduate very soon, already launched a company, NüVü Cameras, in order to commercialize his innovative device.

More details are available in La Presse, or in the press release from the Bureau des Communications et Relation Publiques of UdeM written for the prix Quebec Science, and also in the recorded radio show "C'est Bien Meilleur" on Radio-Canada.

The CRAQ congratulates Olivier Daigle and Claude Carignan for their work.

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