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« Scientist of the Year »
Réné Doyon, Christian Marois et David Lafrenière


The team of the show “Les Années Lumières” on Radio-Canada awarded the distinction “Scientist of the Year 2008” to René Doyon, professor at the Physics Department of the Université de Montréal and member of the CRAQ, to Christian Marois, researcher at the HIA-NSERC, and David Lafrenière, from the University of Toronto.

The distinction “Scientist of the Year 2008” of Radio Canada is awarded to a scientific personality who, during the passed year, became famous in his/her field of research by a discovery, a major publication or a remarkable realization of scientific nature with national or international impact.

The news and scientific culture show chose the three researchers for the exceptional achievement they made taking the first picture of a planetary system outside our solar system. These three astrophysicists have developed the technique of angular differential imagery (ADI), a sophisticated image processing algorithm which, combined to adaptive optics technology, allowed the identification of the three planets around the star HR8799 in the Pegasus constellation.

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