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List of postdoctorals of CRAQ

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Stagiaires postdoctoraux 2013

Noel Richardson
(PhD Georgia State Univ.)
Postdoc of CRAQ since 2012
Université de Montréal
Throughout my research career, I have been extremely interested in the winds and circumstellar environments of massive, hot stars. These winds enrich the interstellar medium and affect the evolution of the most massive stars. A star weighing 60 M? is thought to lose at least 65% of its mass before becoming a supernova, with a majority of this mass loss occurring during the later phases of evolution. This implies that the most important mass-loss and ISM enrichment occurs before the supernova explosion at the end of their lifetime. These interests have brought me to use observations involving both interferometry and spectroscopy.

Konstantinos Gourgouliatos
(PhD Cambridge UK)
Postdoc of CRAQ since 2012
McGill University
My research focuses on astrophysical magnetic fields and I am particularly interested on processes that have important implications on high energy astrophysics and plasma physics. At McGill, I am a member of Prof Andrew Cumming's group. I studied Physics at the University of Patras, I received my PhD from the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Prof Donald Lynden-Bell and after that I was a post-doctoral research associate at Purdue University.

Esteban Silva-Villa
(PhD Utrecht Univ.)
Postdoc of CRAQ since 2012
Université Laval
Born in Medellín, Colombia, in 1979. In 2007 I finished my bachelor in Physics at the University of Antioquia, in Colombia, with a special mention on my thesis research. In 2007 I started my Ph.D. in Astrophysics at the Utrecht university (The Netherlands). I graduated as a Doctor in Astrophysics in september 2011. My main interest has been always focused to understand stellar populations and star clusters, and their relation with galaxy formation and evolution.

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