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Chemical abundances in stars with planets: clues to planet formation

Dr Nuno Santos

Universite du Portugal

Since 1995, more than 450 extra-solar planets have been discovered orbiting solar-type stars. These discoveries have raised a number of questions about the process of planet formation and evolution. The study of planetary properties, as well as the characteristics of planet-host stars, is now providing major constraints for the models. In this talk I will discuss the main results coming from the analysis of chemical abundances in stars with planets. Some emphasis will be given to the most recent studies of the abundances of the light elements lithium and beryllium.

Date: Mardi, le 11 mai 2010
Heure: 11:00
Lieu: Université Laval
  Pavillon Alexexandre-Vachon, local 1661
Contact: Sylvie Beaulieu

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