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The astrophysicist Laurent Drissen publishes the collection of his news chronicles at the show "Les Années Lumières"

Laurent Drissen, professor at the physics, physical and optics engineering department of the Université Laval and member of the CRAQ, re-wrote, completed and updated his news chronicles that he presented for more than 10 years to the audience of the show "Les Années Lumières", on the first channel of Radio-Canada. He provides a fascinating book explaining the most important astronomical events and discoveries of the past decade.

Is there a field where the human knowledge evolves as fast as in astrophysics? Almost every day, we learn about the discovery of exoplanets capable of hosting life. We learn about an ever-increasing number of stars, black holes, and other surprising and unknown objects.

Laurent Drissen helps us to get the most out of the evolution of astrophysical knowledge. He also guides us in the classification of the knowledge and scales it to make it more understandable, at the scale of our Solar System.

The book, edited by "Les Editions Multimondes", is available is most bookstores and on the website : http://multim.com/titre/?ID=342

Source :
Pr. Laurent Drissen,
Département de Physique, Université Laval
Phone: 418-565-2131 ext 5641

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