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An interactive journey in the Universe

The group ECP, in collaboration with the Centre de Recherche en Astrophysique du Québec (CRAQ), is proud to announce the launch of the website www.dubigbangauvivant.com. With the participation of Hubert Reeves and Jean-Pierre Luminet, the website is an invitation to discover the most recent advents and breakthroughs of astronomy and cosmology. With the support of breathtaking images, 2D and 3D animations, the website will immerse you in an interactive astronomical experience from the formation of the Universe to the apparition of life on Earth, from the Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic to the future very large telescopes. With such a tight bound to our cosmic history, there are no more doubts: we are made of star dust…

Constantly fed by the latest news from other website and blogs, dubigbangauvivant.com is a reference website on astrophysics and cosmology. Visitors will find hours of video contents, interactive diagrams, links to other websites, portraits of scientists, and a glossary. An iPad application is in development.

Du Big Bang au Vivant © is a unique francophone multimedia and multi-platform production. It is the only production to offer such a rich ensemble of medias (long movies, DVD, documentary series, internet website and mobile applications) dedicated to research and recent discoveries in the field of the sciences of the Universe. Two educative broadcasters in Canada are behind the project: TFO in Ontario and Télé-Québec in Québec.

The phase I of the website, which started last fall with the release of a long movie, proposed to the visitors to ask questions to Huber Reeves and Jean-Pierre Luminet. The second phase recently completed offers the possibility to discover astronomy and cosmology with great scientists including Edward C. Stone (NASA), Richard Ellis (CalTech), René Doyon (Université de Montréal), Norbert Bartel (Université York) et Annie Baglin (CNRS).

This production was made possible with the participation of We+Are interactive, Decod.ca, Sympatico.ca, the Canadian Space Agency, the CRAQ and Akufen.

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